Friday, June 28, 2013

The kindergartners

clap out the 5th graders-- a sweet tradition! The little kids loved cheering "go 5th grade" and it was oddly emotional. You can see the kids waiting for the 5th graders to walk past them and march out the front doors of the school on their last day.

Zara the garden steward.

I signed our family up for one week of watering the garden at school- which remains locked all summer- so Zara could have a real understanding of harvesting and caring for edible plants! Turned out the hose was so long and impossibly heavy- it was hard for her to help in the actual watering- but the harvesting seemed easy enough... Doh! Happily she ate purple beans and some beets so it was a successful endeavor.

It felt like eternity waiting

For the last day of school - as it was the longest day of the year! June 21!
Zara, Joseph, Edison and Rosie all got to celebrate their summer birthdays together - they are the last kids in their class of 22 to turn 6! The entire class walked to bloo moo with Carl and me "chaperoning" - but let's be real - any chance for ice cream in the day I will happily make an appearance!

Bittersweet last play dates

It's been jam packed days squeezing in playtimes and school events. Zara is here with Soa and Gabe (one day was PJ party day).
Ms Rockwell created a 26 day countdown to the last day of kindergarten, each day had a theme connected to all 26 letters in the alphabet! So zara spent each morning rushing to the fridge to read the "alphabet countdown" schedule to see what was on the agenda. As the year end drew closer the kids seemed to really feel it- and the contest to see who could cling closest to Ms R was in full swing!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Zara and her memory!

So we are sitting in the kitchen preparing the broccoli and chard we grew- (she liked the broccoli not the latter) and she picks up these two KLM porcelain airplane trinkets. On flights Matt took overseas they provide these little "bottles" of alcohol - although one of them was empty as he flew out from a dry country.
Zara asks, holding one up,"are these the boobies?" Me,"eeh .. What?" I walk over to examine the "boobies" .
She is pointing at two top windows on the little house. I say "no! Whatever made you ask that?" I am really giving her an odd look!
She says,"cause when I was in pre k, and I took one of these for show&tell, daddy said to you,'thank God she didn't take the one with boobies'"
How laughable is that!?---- now do I explain that booze is the word daddy had said!?!