Tuesday, March 26, 2013

International arrival and family visitors!

For 30 minutes Zara had the perfect play date with Sumika - her "sister" - who used to be a neighbor but now lives in Japan! It was heavenly for them to see each other, and so nice for sumi to make the effort to stop here on her junior year college tour!

4 th day of Spring Snow Day!

Sadly there wasn't even a 2 hour delay so we missed our chance this year again to use our sled!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Carl and his crutches!

Joseph's daddy, Carl had a great fall- actually more like a sliding sudden halt...At the infamous beavoir school playground- BUT All the Georgetown Doctors were able to put him back together again-
well: with the help of some titanium and some massive screws! Thank goodness he is out of that surgery as well past those early days- but now comes the tough weeks ahead where he can't drive or walk for 12 -16 plus weeks!
Even though I like to describe him as Martha Stewart in jail- he is doing amazingly well- getting about for his birthday and even the big school auction night. The best part was playing about in the photo booth - as demonstrated below! I love the one with Carl's sad face on his crutch... Awww

Okay how funny is this!?

Me and Zara - only 40 years apart or so! Just noticed the stance! Ha!

Reunion and reminiscing

> In Atlanta! Here I am with my friend greg and Leigh's girls- they have 4 children - of which 3 happen to be adopted- they are an amazing family to marvel!

Fwd: Still a Fan ..

> Of my old stomping grounds- the Palm! Odd to visit a place I worked in for over 14 years but everyone is so great and all the same crew there to hash over old stories! We went out for Matt's buddy Franco for his free birthday lobster. Funnily enough, Franco doesn't eat lobster but never fear we found some takers!
> I also recently flew to the palm in Atlanta where I began my career. My first GM Willy Cellucci who I opened that location with back in 1995 passed away. It was an incredible celebration of life and I got to meet "again" his boys who i knew as toddlers and now are adults in college! Galina flew up from Florida and Cheryl from Pittsburgh- it was a major moment is all I am say about that!