Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12.. i meant to write a post at high noon as well!

I have really fallen behind, and I am scared of what might follow next- a whirling dervish of pictures from two months!  I will try and spare you with such a frenzied catch up...

Zara has been on fire with the funny zara-isms,
"Santa is going to have a hard time with me" 
"Really, why?" I ask. 
"Because I am on the good list AND the bad list."   
And after learning that we didn't properly celebrate Hanukkah last year, and this year she has her own menorah, she told daddy that she probably need to get to do Hanukah twice - apparently to double-up on presents!   

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Art class

Zara welcoming home the world wide Trekkers

At international arrivals - she was bopping all over the place and eventually had the chance to pounce on the unsuspecting grandparents

October Scenes

We're Baaaaccckkkk....

 and we are very scary....
Zara is sounding out words at school and practicing creating sentences...Matt and I enjoy listening to her sounding out words busy at her desk when she thinks noone is listening... it's remarkable really.  The top left picture says  "I WENT TO SINGAPORE".