Friday, September 13, 2013

Last days in Anglesey!

Unky Ackie and daddy!

Views from the top!

Stunning moments

From Kilkenny to the Garn
Across the Irish Sea

zara turned 6 and up 48 pounds! 3 ft and 9 inches!

Embarrassing to admit but this post is so overdue... Since her birthday was over a month ago, but just for the record she celebrated her birthday breakfast in Kilkenny, Ireland, with the Donnelley gals then had lunch on the Irish Sea, and the day was topped off with a birthday cake on the isle of Anglesey in North Wales with the Pendletons.   What a summer it was!  We landed back in the US on August 8th and Zara celebrated with her DC friends at Palisades on the 11th. Nonstop action to say the least.   As I am sure there will most definitely be a summer album, I will only share the fewest pictures here.

Zara loving first grade ...

...and apparently loving a nice classmate too! Last night she prophesied that her best part of her day was that Finn gave her a flower and this morning he did!
A beautiful sunflower from Janney's very first school garden farmers market!