Monday, December 9, 2013

Our holiday card- I think I owe uncle Anthony

More than just royalties on these pictures.

Singalong fun and icicles

December 2013

It's almost New Year's Eve!

Only 10 school days left til winter break and first grade will be half over! Incredulous!

Winter fest 2013

And today is our first 2 hour delay! We might even have a snow day this week!
I'm having fun catching up zara s blog - as it's been ages.
Zara spent hours making potholders and loom bracelets to sell. She was quite successful, but was angry with me when we had to make change and give money back to customers. Maybe math isn't her strong suit afterall. Then I realized she wanted to keep the higher denominations and wanted me to give the change out of my wallet not her purse! Sneaky child!
Daddy was sore after his .6 mile fun run with her! Good thing they didnt attempt the 5k!

Thanksgivinukkah & the Tenely Yeti!

We managed to even FaceTime aunt Evey on thanksgiving 2013- she's 94 and looked incredibly well- it must be crazy to think of what technologies were available to when she was Zara s age- and here we are in a car in Maryland going 60 mph and chatting on video conference to someone in Arizona!

1925 and now..

Thanksgiving at the Rocks did ROCK!

School gratitude day

Happy thanksgiving!

Notebusters & doll parties and soccer

The black tie wedding saga

After much worry, and Lisa's incredible never ending Loehman's credit, we arrived in appropriate style. A night out!

Shots from abroad!

Bex at the Alewyd! And me with my paddle tennis crowd.

Zara looses her first tooth!

And mommy videos it- well the bloody aftermath. Deserved or not, mommy gets called, "worst mommy ever". To be honest, when I yanked it I didn't expect it would actually come out! Oh well: certainly worth it just to create the "best video ever" dubbed by Dr. Carl!
After a good cry, she did cheer up and love me later. I do feel badly she missed out on losing it at school and getting a treasure box from the nurse to keep it safe.
We did finally get to use Zara s special gift from Dr Carl- her very own tooth fairy pillow.. And the fairy also left dr suess' tooth book with a personalized note for zara.

More Halloween!

Carl- the king of costuming!

Shots from Halloween!

And Chrissy even stopped in while we were at Skyler s pumpkin carving party.