Saturday, February 16, 2013

Zara is on a soccer team full of boys!

I just LOVE that! Go zara go! Get tough! All her fabulous buddies- you can see joseph in the red on the left and Ethan near the front in a white shirt, red pants, and zara s Scottish soccer coaches!

Hagerstown visit

Chilling in grandpa Rock's den!
Enjoying popcorn at Megan s basketball game with her handmade sign!
On the way home we stopped to see Mary Rose at her new place of work- the Carter's store in Gaithersburg. We found some great prezzies for Mary Kate's christening (Beth's 9th child and zara's 16th first cousin)

Well if snow doesn't come to zara

Then zara goes to the mountain of snow- even if it is all man made and 50 degrees out!

Zara starts a journal! February 16th snow tubing in 50 degree weather!

Here is the translation- unless u can read it! ;-)
Yesterday we went to go tubing at the whitetail mountain and it was cold at white tail. Then we went to gramma s house and Megan got ready for the basketball game.
Then we went to the ball game. "

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A painting project while zara s at school

And a little help with a new closet install!

Zara s school work in kindergarten

"Blueberries for Sal by Robert mccloskey

The problem was Sal got
Mixed up with the little
Bears mother.
Little bear got mixed up with little Sal's mother. ". Translated by mommy for you.

They are learning if the story is written /told with
Taking characters or
Or "oops - there was a problem"

Apparently this was a "oops there was a problem" story mainly due to lack of punctuation,spelling, and lack of torsos but truly she is trying hard. ;-)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Catching up while at jury duty

Zara and mommy had a joint school picture as well as I was one of the volunteers this year- we figured why not!? Just one more photo never hurt anyone- even when I have 30,000 on my computer lol

Sunday, February 3, 2013

December 2012

We had so much fun with Uncle Acky and auntie Bex for the holidays as one can imagine! Zara really attached herself to them! ;-) good thing we will see them this summer!


Happy new year from fabulous Naples!

Poor Matt- left his bag on the plane - it went to Milwaukee for fun and back tomorrow- mommy needed only 2 Xanax-
and lastly- the security TSA bag checker surprised me in another part of the airport by asking me if Zara was Aisha- apparently had opened my bag to find a photo album with Aisha in it and recognized Zara also!!???   go figure- who knew my album would look so enticing a TSA security employee would read through it- let alone have the time! 
We went to Florida to ring in the new year and to see My mom's english cousin Bobby Worrall- as  well as family from Edinburgh.  I have loads of pics to share. 
We also had Anthony and Rebecca here from London- both looking very well..time to search for photos..
Happy 2013!