Monday, May 27, 2013

News from abroad!

Wonderful pictures have been shared! Anthony and Becs sent us some pictures from their new home in London! Looking both so well!
Also Chrissy sent us a photo from Devonte's 8th grade graduation with national Jr. honor roll as well!
Big news!

Friends friends

Play dates and field trips!

Zara Writes...

- or at is least trying hard --
I have been finding little notes around the house with her pictures of her and george - a classmate- with subtitles that say things like,"about to kiss" see below! If she is mad or happy, us parents get a "write up" in her journal! I am on best behavior lest I ended up bad mouthed in that diary of hers ;-)

Tennis & Golf

Recently, zara attended a great birthday party down at the Haine's point historic mini golf course. I biked her down and daddy met us there and played with her and her buddies! Even Carl- jojo 's daddy made it with his crutches and all!
Ps she sunk it! ;-)

Spring has sprung

But mommy is late in reporting it all!
I am the co-coach of zara 's soccer team which sadly she has only attended 2 of the games so far! So much for being coach rock of the janney Rockstars! It s a really cute group and even Finn and Julia from her old BCC pre k class are on the team too.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

> Zara is like a teenager to wake up. This morning in her groggy state she said "blankie, hold on to me as tight as you can!"